Natasha Barrault is a limited edition accessories line that gives vintage or deadstock textiles new life. Designed in the South of France and assembled in  the South of France and in Tunisia, each piece is handmade from French trimmings, American necktie fabrics and other unexpected vintage textiles sourced year round on Natasha’s travels and locally. Built on a collision of worlds old and new, Natasha’s bags tell a story that the buyer can share for years to come.



A passion for textiles and a deep understanding of value were two common threads in Natasha’s upbringing in Paris. Her mum made everything and anything out of fabric— their clothes, their beautiful dolls (Natasha never had nor wanted a store bought doll), their bags, and even their home was adorned with handmade drapes, pillows, and patchwork bedspreads. She learned how textiles could have more than one life—a dress could become a skirt then end up as a pillow—and how something homemade held a more honest value over other objects. 

Growing up, Natasha had an innate interest in the art of making things: from documentary filmmaking to songwriting, from bag design to landscape and interior design She first started crafting bags in the 1990s out of her own studio with a small team in London. Combining her passion for limitless textiles and a love of crafts, the bags incorporated creative detailing such as mouth blown glass handles, embroidered beads, pleating and ribbons. Very much a couture line, Natasha was selling to some of the best fashion retailers across America, Europe and Asia. Her client list included Barneys New York, Henri Bendel and Neiman Marcus in America; Harvey Nichols, Fortnum and Mason and Browns of London in London; Victoire in Paris; Joyce, Takashimaya and Barneys Japan in Asia.

Over the last two decades, Natasha’s focus shifted to interior and landscape design. Her passion for creating with textiles never left her and she started imagining her limited edition accessories line while living and working in Los Angeles. She currently works out of her home studio in the South East of France where she relocated in 2015, designing and making bags, sustainably sourcing materials, and travelling to the ateliers she collaborates with in France and in Tunisia where part of her collections are assembled by local artisans. “I always found balance by being abroad, at least some of the time. There's a lot of crafts in Tunisia—tailors on every street corner, embroiderers, weavers, seamstresses, wood working, glass blowing. You are walking along and someone is making a chair here, a jacket there, it’s very inspiring.” Natasha continues to pursue her passion for timeless textiles, valuing her craft and how it affects the people and the environment around it.