August 11, 2021

Time Travel

By Natasha Barrault


Hello and thank you for meeting me here. I'll use this space to let you know how projects and new designs are progressing a couple of times a month,  to share images of our accessories in varying contexts, but also to tell you a bit about how I made it here and what inspires me to keep going.  

This isn't my first time as an accessories designer,  and looking back, it's fascinating to see how little we change, even when we've come a long way. I have lived half a dozen lives yet when I started designing and making bags again after doing other things for 20 years, I realized that my vocabulary had stayed pretty much the same. My current designs are different, still very much handmade but less couture,  yet they bear the same fingerprint as those from the 1990's.  Here's a few photos, you be the judge. Do feel free to send me an email to let me know if you agree or what bag you think I should bring back, if any.  I'll post more images and stories of this early creative venture later on. Mouth-blown glass pieces on the bags are the work of Anthony Stern, film maker and glass blower extraordinaire with whom I had the pleasure of collaborating for a few years in London.

Please check out our Archive section, where some of these 1990's bags will be sold. I'll add a sprinkling now and then and try to keep prices affordable whenever possible. I hope you'll join me again soon.